Magic beds

...warm dreams, blue and slow
Resting in your embrace
The time I sleep I dream it with you... full of shapes, texture and colour.
Round shapes like the world, turns like a roller coaster plenty of laughs.
Straight like the trees in the forest I can see with my eyes closed.
Texture that caress and tickles me... of blue colours, pink, green, mallow and yellow!

Turns and straight lines trunks with a heart drawing like
Green of twisted trees looking for each other, finding themselves, talking...
Red of the solitary Little Red Riding Hood whispering a story...
I dream... and join you in my dream...
of a wolf looking at me and stays with me.
Blue, meaning you love me and I fly in my dream
and I dream that I'm flying with lucky fairies.
Yellow that keeps me warm under my blanked of kisses.
Pink of cherry gums
and princess clothes and embarrased dancers in love.
Deep mallow like the sweetest dream and peaceful
that makes me fly over the sea with no wings.

Sleep and dream I'm embracing you
...among the stars.

B. Almodovar