Belen Almodovar Cabezales Camas Cuadros Retratos Ilustraciones FotosPintadas

Drawing, painting and pictorial process. School of Art - Escuela de Arte Massana (1994 – 2000).
Decorative and mural painting, sculpture.
Superior training cycle of Arts related to Wall, Mosaic and Ceramic cover process
Escuela de Arte Massana in Barcelona. Spain.

When my daughter was born I discovered the world of illustration in the fairy stories and this inspired me to draw her in magic scenes, turning her into a Princess, Mermaid, Fairy girl and Little Red Riding Hood... since then I do paint portraits of children... which are the smarter ones in the world and I've found in them all the beauty, balance and sense I'm looking for.

Belén Almodovar an artist that goes it's own painting the soul of the little ones (sometimes the older ones also) showing us the colour of the aura of the painted ones... explaining us things that most of all could not see for ourselves.

Little red riding hood (poem)      Magic beds (poem)